In this session I will introduce you how to render a straw bale house using the render method that we have used for over 10 years without failure. This will include:

  • Why we do not recommend cement render
  • The theory of creating a good earthen/lime render recipe
  • Using your own soil in the render
  • Choosing sand
  • Testing sand for clay content in order to decide which sand to purchase as a base for your render.
  • Determining good sand for your render
  • A list of things to do prior rendering
  • Description of the three coats of render and the process of applying each coat of render
  • Why do we not put wire netting over the straw bales
  • Creating test recipes of render
  • Render for bushfire zones
  • Filling hollows after the second coat of render
  • A time comparison of hand rendering versus pump application of the render
  • How much cracking of the second coat of render is OK
  • Creating a textured surface on the second coat of render to provide a key for the top coat of render
  • How to finish internal corners of rendered walls
  • The results of bad render and what to avoid when applying render
  • How to get a very flat and even rendered straw bale wall
This content is part of the following series: Pay by the month, Immediate Access.