Straw bale installation

In this section we will cover straw bale installation including:

  • The formula for bale placement
  • Timber components above and below straw bales
  • Compression of straw bales using polyester strapping, including the order of compression
  • How to use a tensioning tool with the compression strapping
  • The process of compressing a straw bale wall
  • Specifications and dimensions of bottom boxing, intermediate boxing and top boxing
  • Why is the bottom boxing narrower than the width of the straw bales.
  • How to stabilize high straw bale walls
  • How to join top boxing at corners
  • The engineering principle behind the design of the 180mm wide top boxing
  • Straightening straw bale walls with a bale hammer
  • Compression of bales below windows
  • How to avoid cracking of render around windows
  • Leveling the sill of a window opening
  • Alternative compression systems and why we use polyester compression strapping
  • Compression of straw bale walls to a gable end
  • Top boxing over bales at Gable ends
  • Connection of internal timber framed walls to straw bale walls.
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