Cutting straw bales, filling the gap above windows and other straw bale tips

In this session I will detail how to finish over window and lots of other tips for building a beautify straw bale wall including:

  • Framing above a window opening
  • Wire netting over the framework and how to tightly pack the cavity with straw
  • How to make a fin peg for installation into a completed straw bale wall after compression
  • Configuration of a bale needle for cutting bales to length
  • Why I recommend using a bale knife over other methods of shaping bales
  • What constitutes a good straw bale for building
  • Cutting straw bales to length
  • Avoiding the possibility of fire during construction
  • Filling gaps between straw bales prior to rendering
  • What does it mean when we say straw bale walls breath
  • Shaping and trimming straw bales
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