Floor joists and sheet flooring

In this session we will continue with the construction of a timber floor including:

  • Positioning and installation of floor joists
  • Nail laminating timber
  • Support of straw bales on floor joists
  • Straightening floor joists for flooring installation
  • Sub-floor insulation
  • Floors with gradient to a floor waste for wet areas such as bathrooms
  • Installation of floor joists with large spans
  • Fixing of sheet flooring including adhesive requirements
  • Cutting sheet flooring
  • Enclosure of the ends of floor joists in preparation for render
  • Sub-floor enclosure (Opening below the bearers)
  • Sub-floor ventilation and its ember protection
  • Installation of decking
  • Connection of decking floor joists to the external wall of the house in bushfire zones
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